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Ink.Lounge Is Montreal’s top-tated studio specializing in microblading & micropigmentation treatments. If you are looking for high expertise permanent makeup studio,  you are in the right place.  We offer personalized services focused on enhancing your natural beauty with quality products in a professional environment.


what is Microblading?

Micro blading is a semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo technique used to create the illusion of more lush, fuller and natural-looking brows. Instead of using a tattoo machine, we use a little handheld tool to manually draw hair strokes.

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what is Microshading?

Unlike microblading, micro shading Iin Montreal makeup studio does not tattoo full strokes along the brow line, but rather small points to “shade” in sparse areas. Instead of creating the illusion of individual hairs, micro shading fills in the entire brow with light pigmentation through the use of a fine tipped needle.

The Ô Spa Boutique Difference

Making aesthetic treatments and wellness accessible for everyone, delivering real results for real people driven by medical experts. Our aesthetic clinics offers correction of existing eyebrows tattoo, Microblading tattoo removal, and 3D microblading eyebrows advanced technique.


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High Standards

It is through our state-of-the-art technology and our constant training that we achieve the best results for our patients!

Best Techniques

We provide a wide range of facials, body treatments, and laser treatments that have been shown to provide optimal skin care and rejuvenation.

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World-Class Experience

Our qualified aesthetician, professionals experts will always make your visits warm and inviting.

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Your Results

Depending on your skin type, 3d eyebrows microblading results can last between 12 to 24 months. (Oily skin types may need a touch-up sooner than drier skin types), and because it is considered a semi-permanent solution to fine eyebrows unlike tattoo, we recommend including “maintenance” micro blading treatments as part of your skincare routine at least once a year.

how much does microblading cost?

A microblading procedure, however, is more than a simple, one-time visit. Microblading requires at least two visits, both of which are equally important for long lasting eyebrows. Micro blading or micro shading  treatments start at 500$ 

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At first, the aesthetician puts a numbing cream on your eyebrow, then uses a small fine blade to make tiny hair-like incisions right above the dermis layer of your skin while depositing natural pigment directly into those incisions.

The microblading artist starts drawing the outer borders of the eyebrow at first, which is the most important step, then continues through eyebrow filling empty spaces and beautifying the brow with the colour that you prefer and according to your skin colour.


Brows will appear extra bold following the appointment, but “the color” will soften approximately 40 % over the following 14 days.

Why Microblading?

  • Waterproof. …
  • Natural-looking results. 
  • Long-lasting results. …
  • An easy solution to regain eyebrows. 
  • Painless, effective, and safe.
  • Microblading technology can also be used to completely change the shape of the eyebrows, for a new and different look
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