Naturopathy & Wellness

Suzan is a naturopath who has worked in the field of nutrition and well-being for several years. She will accompany you on your journey and guide you through the obstacles as she has guided hundreds before you. She specializes in personalized weight loss or weight gain programs, pregnancy diets, follow-ups and natural products.

The naturopath fosters a holistic (global) look at the person as a whole: physically, structurally, psychologically, its professional and its social spheres, lifestyle habits and general environment. With a global view of the person, we get a better perspective on what seeks to be restored.

The naturopath gives guidance and does not give diagnosis or prescriptions of any kind.

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Naturopathy & Wellness is the art and science that aims to promote optimal well-being through the use of natural and ecological means recognized for their effectiveness and safety.


Naturopaths focus on long-term health and prevention, though they can also help with acute and chronic conditions. They can work with you to address a wide range of conditions. Weight loss, body composition, fatigue, stress, insomnia, digestive problems (constipation, diarrhea, reflux, irritable bowel, Crohn’s disease), endocrine problems, hormonal health, energy medicine and hydrotherapy constitution.


Firstly, for preventative reasons:
Naturopathy gives you perspective on why you may be experiencing common symptoms and/or health challenges; and is your conduit to addressing such issues proactively, preventing them from escalating to bigger health challenges or life-threatening situations.
Secondly, for corrective reasons:
Naturopathy advocates that the body makes no mistakes; illness is a self-regulatory response to preserve health, not to destroy it. You’ll learn that your health is in your hands. So while you may be battling with something categorized as chronic or degenerative, our Naturopaths will help if not to reverse your health state or salvage that which is salvageable, to at the very least help in appeasing your symptoms in attempt to restore some quality of life.
In conclusion, O Spa Boutique focuses on the natural laws that govern health and is dedicated to providing you with non-invasive effective therapies for common and stubborn ailments alike. Our certified health professionals are committed to educating, guiding, helping and providing you with all resources necessary for your wellbeing
Naturopathic consultations at O Spa Boutique are always private and confidential. We take personal care in understanding you from a: physiological, psychological, environmental, social and spiritual state, in order to properly advise you on necessary steps required for health improvement.