Laser skin resurfacing treatments in Montreal for men and women prescribed by specialized esthetician, customized according to your skin needs and goals.

Rejuvenation skin Solutions For All skin type. We offer the best medical facial and laser treatment for acne scars in the Greater Montreal area! Our facials treatments prescribed by your skin specialist, tailored to individual needs.

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What is laser skin rejuvenation?

Laser skin rejuvenation or photo rejuvenation facials is a medical esthetic treatment using Alexandrite laser and ND YAG laser to correct and prevent breakouts, rosacea, pigmentation and build collagen deep within the skin. Fractora can target skin and tissue sub-dermal layers, to remodel collagen, improving skin appearance. It can also help blend skin discoloration such as sunspots and melasma, minimize redness, fine wrinkles, diminish acne scars and tighten sagging skin. The end result: Youthful, taut and smooth skin!

Laser facial treatment in Montreal - Skin tightening, pigmented spot removal for hyperpigention

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Most patients after a laser acne scar removal treatment or a photorejuvenation treatment using FRACTORA will see results as soon as the initial redness and inflammation diminish within 2-3 days of the treatment. Since Laser photo rejuvenation stimulates collagen regrowth, results can continue to develop for 3 to 6 months. we recomand 3-4 treatments. 

Facial rejuvenation at a skin laser clinic, refers to the combination of cosmetic procedures designed to restore your facial features to their previous youthful appearance.


The one treatment to rule them off! Our revolutionary Yag laser technology rejuvenates your skin from the inside out, enhancing tone, texture, and zapping away age spots with results that can last for months.

Our skin care experts use Cynosure Apogee Elite laser on the face and nose to target diffuse redness caused by blood vessels and small spider veins on the legs. Photofacial is great for treating a variety of skin conditions, including: brown spots and hyperpigmentation. Get 30% off when buying a package of 4 treatments for skin rejuvenation at your laser and skin clinics.

Making lipocavitation and laser stretch mark treatment accessible for everyone, delivering real results for real people driven by medical experts.

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We provide a wide range of facials, body treatments, and laser treatments that have been shown to provide optimal skin care and rejuvenation.

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What to Expect From Laser Rejuvenation?

Your skin should immediately change after treatment. Before peeling off, corrected hyperpigmentation may get darker. It may stay pink or red for a few hours to a few days, depending on your skin’s sensitivity. Your skin could improve for up to a month, and the benefits could remain for years. Normal ageing and sun exposure might cause new wrinkles or spots, which can be corrected with laser skin rejuvenation once more.

What Does Laser Skin Resurfacing Treat?

Apogee Elite® Laser Skin Treatments reduce wrinkles by encouraging the production of collagen in the dermis. Over a series of laser sessions, we can witness gradual improvements in your skin texture, tone, and pore size. Sun damage, age, and hormones can all cause unpleasant brown spots and freckles that we ca treat with laser photo-rejuvenation.

How Many Treatments Will I Need?

The number of laser rejuvenation treatments you’ll require is determined by your skin’s health and the problem you’re trying to solve. Most skin improvements necessitate at least three treatments separated by for weeks. During your personalized laser consultation in Montreal, our medical esthetician can estimate the number of sessions required to get your desired results.

What Devices Will be Used? Apogee Elite®

The use of two separate lasers, Alexandrite and Nd-YAG, is the key to our successful treatments. Furthermore, our medical estheticians can use the Apogee Elite® dual-wavelength technology to target distinct melanin levels or haemoglobin (colour) in brown patches and blood vessels, allowing for accurate excision of pigmented lesions without hurting the surrounding skin.

What Should I Do After my Treatment?

Your skin will get dry and peel five to seven days following the photo-rejuvenation laser treatment. At first, your new skin will appear pink. Over the next few weeks, it should gradually lighten up. Cleanse the treatment area twice a day with an ultra gentle cleanser, and follow your esthetician’s recommendations for better results. For two weeks, avoid any other facial treatments and wear sunscreen when outside in the sun. More information on aftercare can be found here.

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