Mind, Body and Spirit with a Oil Massage


Massage at Ô Spa Boutique is an individual and personalized approach, based on the specific needs of the client, drawing on a vast selection of techniques and practices. We offer high quality treatments delivered by Registered Massage Therapists at affordable prices.

Massage Benefits

swedish massage

Using only the finest organic oils and lotions, this traditional Swedish Massage offers firm but gentle pressure to ease muscle tension and provide deep relaxation. Muscle soreness and fatigue melt away.

Therapeutic massage

More than simple relaxation, this therapeutic massage offers a wide range of benefits including decreased muscle tension, an increase in range of motion, and relief from headaches and migraines. Whether you are suffering from an injury or accumulated stress, registered massage therapists will design a massage based on your specific needs.


Natural therapy suggests that certain zones on your hands and feet match parts of your body, certain glands, or very specific organs. Non-intrusive, soft, relaxing, and beneficial, this massage therapy relies on the application of pressure with hands-on very precise points and reflex zones without using mechanical or electrical apparatus.

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