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laser hair removal

60 - 300 session

In our Montreal medical spa, we use Alexandrite and Nd: YAG lasers for permanent hair removal. Certified and approved by Health Canada laser equipment operated by experienced and certified technicians. That means safety, comfort, and better results. We treat customers with ALL skin types, ALL year round!


250 | session

Mix and match your services to your needs. Treat any area you like within 30 MINS

skin of color

Looking for the place that will take care of your melanin? Trust O Spa Boutique! The laser hair removal Technician has experience with skin of color and will advise you on the most appropriate treatment. Even though there are different skin types and shades, there is essentially no difference in the technique for laser hair removal whether the skin is light or dark. The difference lies especially in the type of laser using during the treatment.

YAG laser is safe for dark skin


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We’ve Performed Over 50K  Laser Hair Removal Treatments.

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You can expect some slight discomfort during the treatment, similar to a pinch or an elastic band slap. Meanwhile, you will also feel a bit of heat, but the laser delivers a cryogen spray to help cool and protect the exterior layer of your skin.


Laser hair removal technology is designed to heat up hair follicles structures to damage its growth cycle and destroy the attracted to the melanin or pigment, precisely targeting the skin’s hair without damaging surrounding tissue. This technology makes for better and faster results. Each laser session, your hair will get weaker and eventually stop growing.

What to do before

Avoid waxing, tweezing, tanning or photo-sensitizing product 3 weeks before your appointment. The hair growth cycle is an essential factor in laser hair removal results. Also, to ensure pain free and effective laser treatments, you must shave 24hs before your appointment.


The real effect happens 2 weeks after your laser session. You will see slower and thinner hair growth after each appointment. It is required to complete a session every 4 to 6 weeks. Maintenance treatments are also highly recommended.

Blonde Hair

Blonde hair is rich in light pigment, which can make traditional Laser Hair Removal a bit tricky. Because light hair and light skin share light pigments, it can be difficult for lasers to pinpoint where your hair stops, and your skin begins.

With these obstacles in mind, Ideal Image still recommends scheduling a free consultation  to determine coloration and to discuss the procedure further.


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