IPL laser? No, true laser!

In our medical spa we use Alexandrite and Nd: YAG lasers for permanent hair removal. Certified and approved by Health Canada laser equipment operated by experienced and certified technicians. That means safety, comfort, and better results. We treat customers with ALL skin types, ALL year round!

ApogeeElite™ laser vs IPL

Although IPL hair removal is widespread, IPL has been designed for skin rejuvenation and not for hair removal. Only true laser technologies (Nd: YAG, Alexandrite) are considered permanent for hair removal. Other technologies, such as IPL, only give you a temporary effect. Another factor to consider is that the IPL does not tolerate any tanned or black skin.

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Looking your best doesn’t have to take up all of your time or money. We are happy to offer the latest, safest, most comfortable and cost-effective laser hair removal in Montreal! So get rid of your tweezers, razors and wax, and be bikini ready in seconds!
At Montreal’s O Spa Boutique, we have performed over 50,000 laser hair removal treatments. Our dedicated and professional team ensure the service you receive is of the highest quality, is performed safely, and gets you the results you want. This is why our clients come back again and again to comfortably remove hair from other parts of their bodies.
We only uses Cynosure®’s state-of-the-art Apogee Elite® dual-wavelength laser technology! Not only is the “GOLD Standard” for laser hair removal, but the brand new sapphire cooling technology makes it the most comfortable laser in the world! Cleared by Health Canada and the FDA for permanency and safety, it is suitable for all skin tones and hair types – All year round.


Every patient is different. For optimum results with laser hair removal, we recommend 6 to 8 full sessions every 4 to 8 weeks. Maintenance treatments are also highly recommended.


You can expect some slight discomfort during the treatment, similar to a pinch or an elastic band slap. Meanwhile, you will also feel a bit of heat, but the laser delivers a cryogen spray to help cool and protect the exterior layer of your skin.


We always begin with a consultation. We evaluate your lifestyle, previous experience with laser hair removal, your main concerns, expectations, and needs. Teaching you how to prepare for your treatment, post-treatment care, the possible risks and the expected results to ensure you have the best results and to protect your investment.
There are no surprises! We are here to take care of you and help guide you through the process. We will do everything we can to make sure you are making the right decision for you.
Receive a bonus $50.00 gift card towards your first laser hair removal treatment when you book your consultation!
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