About Ô Spa Boutique

Who are we, what do we do, and how do we do it.

Advanced aesthetician clinic

Ô Spa Boutique is a cutting-edge advanced aesthetic clinic located in Montreal. The greatest results for facial treatment and skin services have been proven by our dedicated estheticians. Using innovative technology and pharmaceutical-grade cosmetic products brands like, Esthederm and Mesoesthetic, to treat hair loss, hair removal, acne, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, skin texture, and many other common skin issues. We use  the newest medical laser technology, and we offer the best customer experience to meet your expectation. 

our solutions

A comprehensive range of aesthetic procedures and solutions focusing on real, progressive results are presented to customers with a personalized approach. We provide skincare procedures for men and women of all backgrounds suffering from acne, scarring, visible pores, dry skin, wrinkles, melasma, rosacea, hyperpigmentation, eczema, hair loss, cellulite, stubborn fat, and excess hair growth by permanent hair removal. Ô Spa boutique is an advanced medical-aesthetic clinics specialized in non-surgical rejuvenation. Our skin professionals use the latest innovative technologies, approved by Health Canada, to prevent and treat visible signs of aging.

Advanced clinic - Laser hair removal promotion

High Standards

It is through our advanced state-of-the-art technology and our constant training that we achieve the best results for our patients! With over 25 years of combined experience in the aesthetic field we have learned to emphasize core values such as poise, confidence, and trust in a harmonious personal care and development environment where we can offer you the best experience. 

Advanced clinic - Laser hair removal promotion

Educational Approach

For revolutionary results, we use innovative technology and advanced medical-grade lasers to renew your skin cells, stimulate collagen, and improve clarity. Our facial and laser treatments are tailored to your specific skincare requirements and are suitable for all skin types.