Hair removal laser and facial hair removals for men and women can permanently smoother skin and remove unwanted body hair.

Discover the wide range of laser epilator we provide, using Alexandrite laser for blonde hair and Yag laser for dark skin. If you are looking to remove unwanted hair permanently, laser full body or facial hair removal laser treatment can help. Certainly, Our advanced technologies can provide excellent results for all skin types.


When it comes to hair removing by laser, skin colour plays a major role in determining the types of laser hair removal that will be safest and most effective. Ô Spa Boutique derma clinics, offers both Yag and Alexandrite lasers, using Apogee Elite Laser from Cynosure to achieve optimal results and effectively treat all skin types and hair textures.


No matter your skin type, you can enjoy smooth, hair-free skin with laser hair removal deals at one of the best spa Montreal. Our dual wavelength Yag and Alexandrite lasers work on ALL skin types and background to permanently reduce 10-15% of hair per session. We offer a variety of treatments for different areas of the body, including hair removal armpit, laser on face, and underarm hair removal. The following are common laser hair removal body parts and prices to choose from. All prices are per session.

Customer satisfactions, and best experience is our priority at our Montreal spa. Full body laser hair removal or laser buttocks hair removal come with personalized consultation and proven results. We treat ALL skin types, ALL year round.

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What is Lightsheer Diode Laser For Hair Removal?

Diode laser hair removal is a relatively new treatment option on the market, with fewer studies to support the long-term effectiveness of the procedure. Also, due to faster repetition rates, diode laser treatments tend to be more painful than other laser systems.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?
Laser derm is generally considered safe but can be dangerous if done by inexperienced hands. With the help of a skilled and knowledgeable medical esthetician you can avoid the risk of possible side effects with laser hair removal include burns, permanent changes to skin color, and scarring.
Is Intense Pulse Light - IPL Effective?

IPL hair removal is commonly used for hair reduction, but can not provide a permanent solution. Research has indicated that IPL treatments can temporarily remove hair but cannot eliminate it completely. This process works and only acts on active hair while it is in Anagen phase and will not affect hairs that are in other growth cycles thats explain why IPL manufacturers are not allowed by law to claim that hair removal is permanent.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

We provide long lasting hair reduction by destroying the hair follicles.

The number of hair follicles that produce hair can be reduced by about 75%-90%. Once the follicles are destroyed they do not regenerate, resulting in lasting hair reduction, razor bumps, and ingrown hairs in the treated area.

At-home laser hair removal treatments are not as powerful or effective as in-spa clinic procedures. Most of IPL laser at home use intense pulse light rather than pure laser light, which can make them unsafe for when used on dark skin tone and can cause burns, permanent changes to your skin color, and scars can occur.

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