Experience laser hair removal treatments in Montreal for both men and women, offering the promise of smoother skin and permanent hair reduction. Our services include effective facial hair removal and comprehensive body hair removal options.

Uncover our diverse laser hair removal options featuring cutting-edge technology. Our specialized treatments utilize Alexandrite laser for blonde hair and Yag laser for darker skin tones, ensuring effective and permanent hair removal. Whether it’s full-body or facial hair removal, our advanced procedures cater to diverse needs and skin types.


Selecting the right laser epilator depends on your skin tone, which significantly influences safety and effectiveness. At Ô Spa Boutique, our derma clinics proudly offer both Yag and Alexandrite lasers, leveraging the Apogee Elite Laser by Cynosure. Trust our expertise to deliver optimal results across all skin types and hair textures.


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Explore our competitive laser hair removal prices tailored for diverse skin tones at one of Montreal’s premier spas. Our cutting-edge Yag and Alexandrite dual-wavelength lasers ensure effective hair reduction, eliminating 10-15% of hair per session. Experience our range of treatments for specific areas like underarm hair removal, laser facial treatments, and hair removal for armpits. Check out our per-session pricing for common body parts below.

At our Montreal spa, customer satisfaction and an exceptional experience are our top priorities. Experience the efficacy of our full-body laser hair removal or specialized laser buttocks hair removal, personalized to your needs with proven results. We cater to all skin types, all year round.

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What Is Lightsheer Diode Laser For Hair Removal?

Our services include Lightsheer Diode Laser, a newer treatment with potential for effective hair removal. While it’s relatively recent and may have fewer long-term studies, its advanced technology ensures efficient hair removal. Note, however, that due to faster repetition rates, diode laser treatments can be more intense.

Is Laser Hair Removal Safe?
laser hair removal is generally safe under the guidance of a skilled and knowledgeable medical esthetician. Trust in expertise to avoid potential side effects, including burns, changes in skin color, or scarring associated with inexperienced procedures.
Is Intense Pulse Light - IPL Effective?

While Intense Pulse Light (IPL) is popular for hair reduction, it’s crucial to note that it doesn’t offer a permanent solution. IPL treatments can temporarily remove hair, targeting active hair during the Anagen phase but cannot eliminate it completely. Manufacturers cannot claim permanent hair removal due to its cyclic growth effects.

Is Laser Hair Removal Permanent?

Permanent Hair Reduction: Experience long-term hair reduction as our advanced technology targets and destroys hair follicles. This process leads to a significant reduction—typically 75%-90%—in hair follicles producing hair. Bid farewell to razor bumps and ingrown hairs in the treated area.

At-home laser treatments, often using IPL, are less powerful than professional spa procedures. These home devices, utilizing intense pulse light, might not be suitable for darker skin tones and can pose risks like burns, changes in skin color, and scarring.

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