Brazilian Bikini

Brazilian Hair Removal Laser

Say goodbye to shaving and waxing. You have The Best Laser Treatment for Hair Removal, just right for you.

Why is laser treatment best?

Get away from your unwanted hair quickly and painlessly. O Spa Boutique laser removal reduces unwanted hair from the body, leaving you with soft, clear and healthy skin. The result is smooth and hairless skin on whatever body area you decide to treat with laser, including the bikini line. 




For those who are tiered of shaving bikini line and looking for a life improvements, smooth and hair-free feeling, Brazilian bikini hair removal treatment is your best solution! We use Cynosure Elite lasers to weaken and eventually destroy individual hair follicles, leading to permanent reductions in hair growth with long-lasting results. This article describes both, what is bikini laser and why it is an effective solution for those looking to achieve the sensation of clear and hairless skin after a nice hot shower.

Before you start a laser hair removal treatment, it is important to make sure that the skin in the area is smooth. Your laser technician will use a razor to remove any excess remaining hairs, this action also stimulates the pigment of the hair and helps avoid the risk of micro burns. This process only takes a few seconds and helps ensure the best possible results from your laser treatment.

We all know that a bikini is a women’s two-piece swimsuit with two triangles of fabric on the bottom covering the pelvis and the inner buttocks. Regular bikini laser hair removal is a process of treatment removing hair around the bottom bikini without including the covered area under the bikini piece of clothing itself. In the other hand, Brazilian bikini is a treatment that targets the inside and around the lower part of swimsuit or panties. The full bikini laser or the regular one treatments are both available at O Spa Boutique to offer you a smooth and hairless skin on whatever body area you decide to treat including the bikini laser hair removal area.

Typically, you will need around 6 to 8 sessions to achieve a permanent smooth and hairless skin. The price tends to be higher for Brazilian bikini due to the full bikini laser’s parts included. For example, the price for bikini laser hair removal costs 100$ at our laser clinics in Montreal while the cost for Brazilian laser hair removal is 170$ since laser technicians are very generous with the hair removal application and will make sure to reach every area needed for perfect hair removal. The bikini laser prices given above are calculated per session. Indeed, the hair removal of your choice is worth the price. 

  • Full Brazilian bikini laser costs 170$/per session
  • Bikini lines laser only costs 100$/per session

Are you looking for laser clinics in Montreal that offers a free consultation and highly effective laser treatments? O Spa Boutique offers the best of both worlds — comfortable, safe procedures and impressive results! Our experienced esthetician use top-of-the-line Cynosure laser machines to deliver real, fast results. Better yet, you can check out our happy customers’ reviews on Google beforehand. Remember that it’s best to have shaved or shorter hair on the bikini area before your appointment — read our article “Why you should shave before laser hair removal?”  Call us today and ask about our laser hair removal services.