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We offer the best medical facial in Montreal Holistic facial treatments prescribed by your skin specialist, customized according to your personal needs and goals. Facials are used to enhance skin and treat specific conditions

facial life cycle

Immediately afterward

Your skin radiates a healthy glow. The skin may be rosy.

5-21 days

Skin is absorbing active ingredients. Home care products are repairing skin with rejuvenating ingredients

21-28 days

Long term effects can be seen. Cell turnover is completing.

4-6 weeks

Time to schedule your next appointment. Skin cells are accumulating, the skin is dull and not absorbing products.

microneedling Facial

160 | session

Microneedling is a deep-reaching skin rejuvenation treatment using an electric microneedle device over the affected area, breaking down uneven, inactive and damaged skin tissue. The resulting micro-injuries push your body’s natural healing process to generate new cells, collagen and healthier, younger-looking skin. The expected outcome is thicker, plump skin with a soft texture and healthier appearance.

dermaplaning facial

160 | session

Dermaplaning Facial is a popular skin treatment in Montreal that involves a medical blade to remove dead skin and the peach fuzz hair from the face. Dermaplaning is a deeply exfoliating treatment that provides clients with stunning and dramatic results instantly. Hair will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment.

hydra facial

160 | session

HydraFacial is a deep exfoliating and hydrating treatment. Combining water-rich antioxidant infusion and deep cleansing facial extraction. HydraFacial facial in our Montreal spa can exfoliate, revitalize, hydrate and protect your skin against dry symptoms and dullness.

Microdermabrasion facial

160 | session

Microdermabrasion is a safe, non-invasive procedure that’s beneficial for all different skin types and conditions. During a microdermabrasion session, a special device deeply cleanses pores through the use of diamond-tipped wand. This non-invasive treatment regenerates the outer layer of the epidermis, promotes collagen production and reduce wrinkles

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We learn about your skin by performing a detailed skin analysis with the state-of-the-art OBSERV+ analysis system. Then, we customize the ideal skin care program designed to achieve your goals and desired results faster. All consultations include skin evaluation, treatment and home care regimen recommendations.

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