Sick of wearing hats,
using hair fibers,
want to avoid surgery?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is the affordable, non-surgical, PERMANENT solution you’ve been looking for.

scalp micro pigmentation
Women hair loss
scalp micro pigmentation
women hair loss micropigmentatio

Maybe you haven't heard about "scalp micropigmentation" before. No worries.

Sometimes called a "hair tattoo" or "hair follicle simulation".
Scalp micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that camouflages hair loss by giving you the buzz-cut look of a full head of hair.

With scalp micro pigmentation,
there's a solution for everyone.

No matter your age, hair or skin color, man or women,
scarring or alopecia - we can help with it all.


Over 60% of men and more than 40% of women will experience hair loss in their life. No matter what stage you're in, we've seen it before, and we can help.


Whether it was a hair transplant scar, an injury from an accident, or a surgical scar, we can help to disguise and hide the scars in your scalp and hairline.


For many women, men, and children, alopecia can seem like an unwinnable struggle. We'd love to show you how we can help, from areata to universalis.

women hair loss micropigmentatio


Many females and some of our male clients qualify to add density into their existing thinning hair. We fill in parts, empty crowns, thin hairlines, and help add density to hair restoration procedures.

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women hair loss
micro pigmentation
scalp micro pigmentation
Hair loss solution

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