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the solution to your hair loss

Micro-pigmentation at Ô Spa Boutique in Montreal clinic is the best alternative to hair transplants and is commonly used to eliminate the look of baldness or thinning hair on both men and women.

Safe procedure 

Micro precision

Permeant solution 
















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Am I a good candidate for scalp micropigmentation?

Thinning hair

The objective is to provide density and fullness to your thinning hair

Hair transplants

By filling the spaces between hair grafts, we can create instant results and enhance your hair grafts without additional surgery.

scar removal

The scalp micropigmentation will camouflage scars by replacing the hair in that area.


Scalp micropigmentation is the permanent solution to male pattern baldness


Alopecia areata is a rare type of spot baldness that affects the entire scalp and not just some spots

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Before treatment

Before treatment, the technician will carefully outline the placement of your future hairline. This is a crucial step: a hairline that is too high will only emphasize your hair loss, while a hairline that is too low will appear unnatural.

How does it work?

Scalp micropigmentation replicates the appearance of a naturally shaved head, instantly produces striking results. It is an advantageous option that is highly efficient and much more affordable than hair transplants.

During treatment

During treatment, the technician replicates follicles one by one with a specially designed asymmetrical needle and medical-grade ink. The technician thus replicates a follicle ten of thousands of times, which creates the illusion of hair density.

Medical-grade ink

With medical-grade ink and asymmetrical needles, the specialists at O Spa Boutique can recreate your hair color and imitate your scalp’s natural follicles. This creates the perfect illusion of a healthy hairline and full head of hair that you’ve decided to shave as part of your bold look and active lifestyle.

Your Result

You’ll see the amazing results right away. After several weeks, the pigment will stabilize in your skin and your new look will become permanent.

Scalp micro pigmentation treatments are usually 2 hours per session and that is to cover the entirety of the area per appointment. We recommend 3 to 4 sessions for the best results.

looking for a solution for your hair loss?

Discover scalp Micropigmentation 

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