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Our specialized estheticians offer custom lightening, brightening, and whitening skin treatments. Discover our expertly prescribed solutions to achieve your desired skin results.”

Discover effective lightening, brightening, and whitening treatments at Ô Spa Boutique skin care center in Montreal. Our range of underarm whitening options includes advanced laser treatments. Book a free consultation for personalized solutions tailored to your skin needs.


Hyperpigmentation in intimate areas is often triggered by hormonal changes or friction, resulting in darker skin. Hormonal shifts during puberty or friction from clothing can lead to melanin overproduction, causing skin darkening in areas like inner thighs or labia. Our clinic offers effective solutions for hyperpigmentation and melasma, addressing these concerns with tailored treatments for visible results.

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Skin darkening in areas like inner thighs, underarms, elbows, and knees is common, irrespective of skin tone. Our professional skin treatments aim to expedite the lightening process, utilizing laser techniques for underarm whitening and natural bleaching products. We offer a comprehensive approach including exfoliation and hydrating treatments to safeguard your skin post-treatment. Achieving safe and permanent skin lightening or bleaching, especially in intimate areas, may require multiple sessions tailored to your skin’s needs for lasting results.

Experience skin analysis and expert guidance on skin lightening treatments, addressing concerns like hyperpigmentation from shaving or waxing. Our skilled aestheticians provide painless and effective solutions tailored to your needs, offering advice during your 30-minute to 1-hour skin whitening appointments.

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Is Skin Lightening Safe?

Our skin lightening treatments are meticulously designed for safety and effectiveness. Our skilled aestheticians provide a thorough skin analysis, tailoring body bleaching treatments personalized to your needs, ensuring a safe and successful skin lightening experience.

What Causes Darker Skin In Intimate Areas?

Discover the reasons behind darker skin in intimate areas, from friction to injury or bites. At our center, we address these concerns with effective lightening and brightening solutions, offering treatments to target hyperpigmentation in the inner thighs, underarms, and more.

How Is Skin Lightening Performed?

Our skin lightening procedures at our beauty clinics yield visible results, employing body bleaching techniques like Laser Carbon Peel or Microneedling. The number of sessions varies based on your skin tone, extent of hyperpigmentation, hormonal factors, and skin whitening goals. Typically, our experts advise a series of 6-8 treatments, spaced two weeks apart for optimal results

What Body Parts Can You Whiten?

What To Expect After Skin Bleaching?

Typically, immediate results range from 1-2 shades lighter after a single session, though outcomes vary among individuals. Factors like hormonal fluctuations, melasma, or skin conditions may affect immediate and long-term results. Avoidable factors such as friction or injuries contribute to variations in outcomes. Our experts provide comprehensive guidance to optimize results for each unique case.
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